.Fitness Programs

Personal Training Courses for Women

1-2-1 Personal Training at our gym in Glasgow’s west end - Resistance, freeweight and cardiovascular training are all used in a tailored workout to suit you as an individual.

Post and anti natal exercise - By doing closely managed exercise you can help reduce the weight gained over your months of pregnancy.After giving birth new mums can be trained at home, safely and without any babysitting worries!

Beautiful Brides - Brides, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride; whoever you are you want to look your best on this special day.
You can look a million dollars in a cheaper dress if you body is looking good Alternatively, you could spend a fortune on a dress and still not look the way you want if your body is not in good shape. It's just a case of re-arranging your wedding budget into priorities...and having a killer body for your honeymoon!

Often body pain is caused by poor posture and over time it becomes worse. By assessing the posture and prescribing easily completed repetitive exercises the posture can be fixed and pain releaved
Over 50's
The more you move, the fitter you'll stay. By completing mobility exercises and low impact aerobic exercises we'll keep you feeling like a spring chicken!