The facts...
Q1.What do I wear?
A1.Anything comfy that you can move in, and training shoes.

Q2. I have never been in a gym before, how will I know A2.what to do?
Initially, we’ll have a chat about health, targets and lifestyle, then measure you. We’ll then write you a programme that suits your body’s needs and abilities. The trainer never leaves your side.

Q3. I don’t like gyms as I feel intimidated. How is this different?
A3.Because there’s only you and your female trainer in the gym at any given time. No one else is present. It’s totally private. The only thing others will see is the results!

Q4. How does what I eat effect my weight?
A4. Consuming just 100 more calories than you use dailly will result in a weight gain of 10.5 pounds of body fat in a year.

Recent obesity studies show that 48 % of Scottish Women are overweight or obese and 56 % of Scottish Men.
The facts...
With 3500 calories in 1 pound of fat, a person would have to consume 49,000 extra calories to put on 1 stone of body fat.